Rome, 21 November 2013. European Conference on Solutions for Environmental and Coastal Contrasts "Rome Capital: from the Metaphor of Fori Imperiali to the City on the Water".

The International Conference was held at the Sala Protomoteca in the Capitol HIll and organised by the Italian national team od SECOA project. During the conference the following speakers participated: Ugo Guarnacci (European Commission); Francesca Bernardini (University of Rome); Riccardo Carelli (Sapienza Innovazione); Armando Montanari (University of Rome); Marta Leonori (Rome Capital); Vishwas Kale (University of Pune); José Manuel Simoes (University of Lisbon) and Paulo Pardelha (Municipality of Almada); Allan Williams (University of Surrey); Bui Van Minh (Hai Phong Maritime Administration) and Lan Tran Dinh (IMER). Agenda

Ostia, Italy. 19 November 2013. International Conference: "Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future environmental challenges"

The International Conference was held at the ex Depò, the Exhibition Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ostia and organised by the Italian national team of the SECOA project. During the conference the following speakers participated: Sandro Lorenzetti (Rome Capital, Municipio X); Estella Marino (Rome Capital); Armando Montanari (University of Rome); Giacomina Di Salvo (Rome Capital, Municipio X); Eric Corijn (University of Brussels); students of Vincenzo Pallotti (High School, Ostia); Paolo Lupino (ARDIS); Monica Valeri (Rome Capital, Municipio X); Eran Razin, Michal Lichter, Daniel Felsenstein (University of Jerusalem); Claudio Brinati (Federcoopesca); Gunilla Almered Olsson (University of Gothenburg); Alessio Nardini (Municipality of Fiumicinio); Asaf Ariel (EcoOcean NGO); Mario Beccari, Piero Bellotti, Alberto Prestininzi (University of Rome); Gidon Jakar (University of Jerusalem). Agenda

Lisbon, Portugal. 17-18 June 2013. International Conference: "Human Mobility and Urban Growth in Coastal Areas: conflict mitigation and spatial resilience"

The International Conference was hosted by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (University of Lisbon - Portugal) and organised by the national team of the SECOA project. During the conference the following SECOA members made a presentation: Vishwas Kale (University of Pune); Tran Dinh Lan (IMER);  Armando Montanari (University of Rome); Daniel Felsenstein (University of Jerusalem); Allan Williams (University of Surrey); Per Knutsson (Univesity of Gothenburg); Eric Corijn (University of Brussels); Nuno Costa, José Simoes, Carlos Ferreira , Paulo Morgado and Eduardo Jonas (University of Lisbon).

Cologne, Germany. 26 - 30 August 2012. 32nd International Geographical Congress

The SECOA mid-term international public workshop “Global climate change and human mobility in coastal areas: the SECOA Project” was organized on 28th August 2012, during the 32nd International Geographical Congress held in Cologne from 26 to 30 August 2012. The IGC is the quadrennial meeting of the International Geographical Union (IGU). The congress combines the traditional meetings of the IGC Commissions with a wide range of sessions addressing the following four key topics: 1) Global Change and Globalisation; 2) Society and Environment; 3) Risks and Conflicts; 4) Urbanisation and Demographic Change. Geographers bring the wide-ranging perspectives and methodology of their subject to bear on these four major thematic complexes and contribute to the solution of urgent scientific and socio-political issues – bringing research down to earth. During the workshop SECOA was presented with 3 posters (1, 2, 3) and the following SECOA members made a presentation:  Armando Montanari (University of Rome); Barbara Staniscia (University of Rome); Luca Deravignone, Alessandro Londei and Marco Ramazzotti (University of Rome); Maria Caterina Bramati and Flaminia Musella (University of Rome); Alberto Prestininzi (University of Rome); Vishwas Kale (University of Pune); Tran Din Lan (IMER); Claire Ellul (University of LondonMet); Eran Razin and Gidon Jakar (University of Jerusalem); Michal Lichter and Daniel Felsenstein (University of Jerusalem); Andrea Morf and Per Knutsson (University of Gothenburg); Riccardo Carelli (Sapienza Innovazione); Paulo Morgado, Carlos Ferreira and Ines Boavida-Portugal (University of Lisbon); Francesca Lugeri, NIcola Lugeri and Rosanna Augello (ISPRA- Italian End user).



Rome, Italy - 2 February 2010

The public conference saw the participation of the Sapienza University authorities, among them the Rector, all SECOA partners and Italian end users and stakeholders. Apart from presentation given by Karen Fabbri (European Commission) on “the EU Environment Policy and the funding opportunities” and by the scientific coordinator of the project, Prof. Armando Montanari of Sapienza University of Rome on “the value of SECOA project”, two of the Italian end users (Municipality of Pescara and the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - ISPRA) made presentations on local case studies. Moreover, Prof. Itay Fishhendler and Prof. Eran Razin of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. Karl Bruckmeier of University of Gothenburg, provided their valuable experiences related to the interaction with local end users and stakeholders. The event was attended by a total of 60 persons.



Jerusalem, Israel. 20 February 2014. Annual Conference of the Israeli Planning Association. The presentation: " Creating high resolution spatial data for Local Level Palnning" was made during the Annual Conference of the Israeli Planning Association (by University of Jerusalem)

Carmiel, Israel. 28 January 2014. Annual Meeting of the Israeli Regionale Science Association. The presentation: "Dynamic Mapping and the Creation of Accurate Spatial Socio Economic Data" was made during the Annual Meeting of the Israeli Regionale Science Association (by University of Jerusalem)


Ystad, Sweden. 24 October 2013. Coastal meeting. The presentation "Climate change adaptation in Ystad municipality: Risk Perception and Management in Coastal Areas" was made at the Coast meeting held in Ystad (by University of Gothenburg)

Ha Noi, Vietnam. 10-12 October 2013. The second national conference on marine geology. The presentation: "Analysing land-use conflict for Hai Phong city by using remotely sensed data" was made during the second national conference on marine geology (by Institute of Marine Environment and Resources)

Rome, Italy. 2-4 October 2013. 9th Congress "Virtual City and Territory" - CITY MEMORY PEOPLE. The presentation "Assessing the social-economic impacts of land-use change through a GIS-ANN based approach for land-use change evaluation" was made during the 9th Congress "Virtual City and Territory" - CITY MEMORY PEOPLE held at the University Roma Tre, Department of Architecture (by University of Lisbon)

Rome, Italy. 5-6 September 2013. IV EUGEO Association of Geographical Societies in Europe. SECOA results were presented within the paper session "Recent development in global changes and human mobilities" organised by Prof. Armando Montanari with the presentation "Human mobility and coastal areas: a research methodology" (by University of Rome). In addition, in a plenary session Prof. Armando Montanari delivered a speech and he presented SECOA project and its results. 

Palermo, Italy. 28 August 2013. 53rd European Regional Science Association Congress. The presentation "Social and Economic Vulnerability  of Coastal Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean to Sea Leel Rise and Extreme Flooding" was made in occasion of the 53rd ERSA Congress held in Palermo (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Paris, France. 27-31 August 2013. 8th International Conference on Geomorphology. SECOA results were presented with the poster: "Recent evolution of the Tiber River Delta and Coastal Vulneralbility Index (Tyrrhenian Sea - Central Italy)" by University of Rome in occasion of the 8th International Conference on Geomorphology. Abstract

Kyoto, Japan. 8 August 2013. IGU 2013, Kyoto Regional Conference. The presentations: "Life cycle, migratory choices, and urban structures: the case of Rome metropolitan area" (by Sapienza University of Rome);  "Change in governance in the UK: making local decisions with the public" and "Investigation of spatial thinking during Participatory GIS activities" (by University of LondonMet) were made in occasion of the Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union held in Kyoto.

Dublin, Ireland. 15-19 July 2013. AESOP/ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013. The presentations "Tourism and spatial planning public policies in Portuguese coastal areas: experience(s) and challenges" and "Collaborative Assessment Of Planning Methods And Tools For Coastal Areas" were made in occasion of the 5th Joint Congress AESOP/ACSP Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions held at the University College Dublin (by University of Lisbon)

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 26-28 June 2013. MARE VII Conference. The Presentation: "Knowledge integration for the resolution of coastal resource use conflicts" was made in occasion of the VII MARE Conference held at the University of Amsterdam (by University of Gothenburg)

Colorado, USA. 4-8 June 2013. ISSRM2013 Conference. The presentation "'Identification of land use conflicts around nature reserves in urban areas using multiple Participatory GIS techniques' was made in occasion of the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management held in Colorado (by London Metropolitan University)

Rome, Italy. 17-18 April 2013. The presentation "Il Progetto europeo FP7 SECOA. Tra informazione geografica e reti neurali" was done in occasion at the 14th ESRI Italian Conference of GIS users (by Sapienza University of Rome). The Conference has been organised by ESRI Italia. The presentation has been later published on the ESRI Italia web Site:

Beer Sheva, Israel. 30 January 2013. Israel Regional Science Association Annual Conference. Presentation "Assessing Social Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Flooding Events in Coastal Areas" (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Haifa, Israel. 24 January 2013. The presentation "Assessing Social Vulnerability and the Costs of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and Extreme Flooding at the Local Level: A GIS-Based Approach" was made in occasion of a Seminar at the Geography and Environmental studies Department of Haifa University (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


London, UK. November 2012. London Metropolitan University - Postgraduate Research Student Conference 2012.Critical cartography applied to Participatory GI activities” (by University of LondonMet)
Leewarden, The Netherlands. September 2012. 25th PESCRJ. The presentation "The future of peri-urban coastal wetlands in Kungälv municipality, Gothenburg region, Sweden" was made at the international conference ‘Reflection of landscape change: the European perspective. Permanent Conference of the European Rural Landscapes (by University of Gothenburg)
Greoux les Bains, France. 24-26 June 2012. BEST Educational Network
Livorno, Italy. 12 - 14 June 2012. The Mediterranean coastal monitoring: problems and measurement techniques
SECOA results were presented with the poster "Extreme rainfalls events and floading along the coastal area of Civitavecchia" in the occasion of the 4th International Symposium. Abstract. Read more
Venice, Italy. 3 - 7 June 2012. ECSA 50. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science Conference
The 50th ECSA Conference: Today's science for tomorrow's Management brought together researchers, environmental managers, policy makers and graduate students to present research results, explore collaborations and to spark new ideas, with the aim of learning about marine, coastal and transitional systems worldwide, catching up on leading-edge techniques and, lastly, appreciating the constraints of the science and the management.
SECOA results were presented with the poster "Coastal Vulnerability analysis along the coast of Pescara". Abstract.

Beer Sheva, Israel, 6 June 2012.
The presentation "Assessing the Costs of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and Extreme Flooding at the Local Level: A GIS-Based Approach" was done in occasion of a Seminar at the Geography Department of the Ben Gurion University (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Quebec City, Canada, May 2012. Global Geospatial Conference, GSDI13: Spatially Enabling Government, Industry and Citizens.
Vienna (Austria) – 14-15 May 2012. REAL CORP 2012 - 17th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society GeoMultimedia 2012. Presentation “Understanding Conflicts, Designing Futures, Managing Change: a SECOAN search for Sustainability in the urbanisation and metropolisation of coastal environment” (by University of Brussels)
Vienna, Austria. 22 - 27 April 2012. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012
SECOA results were presented at the conference with posters and presentations:
- Poster "
Climatic patterns and extreme rainfalls on coastal areas in Central Italy" by M.C. Bramati and C. Tarragoni from Sapienza University of Rome;
- Poster "
Coastal vulnerability and the implications of sea level rise between the cities of Pescara and Ortona (Adriatic Sea - Central Italy)" by C. Tarragoni et al. from Sapienza University of Rome.
- Oral presentation "
The shift from hold-the-line to management retreat and implications to coastal change: Farlington Marshes, a case of conflicts", by Luciana S. Esteves, Jo Foord and Helene Draux from the Cities Institute (London Metropolitan University);
- Poster "
A methodological framework to assist decision-making on prioritising conflicting uses ion multi-functional environments" and paper, by Luciana S. Esteves, Jo Foord and Helene Draux from the Cities Institute (London Metropolitan University).
Nha Trang City, Vietnam, 15-17 April 2012. Ecosystem and Marine Biological Resources
A two day workshop held by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and CNRS (France) aimed at sharing scientific research results and proposing upcoming research issues among instutions of VAST and local agencies and looking forward scientific cooperation between Vietnam and France, particularly between VAST and CNRS. IMER was invited to talk about the topic and integrated some results from WP2 of SECOA (download presentation by TD Lan). Participating into the workshop were about 50 of managers and scientists from institutions of VAST and of CNRS and also from Nha Trang City.
Lancaster, UK, April 2012. GISUK

Rehovot, Israel, 7 February 2012. Israel Regional Science Association Annual Conference
Presentation "
Assessing the Costs of Sea Level Rise and Extreme Flooding" (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Jerusalem, Israel, 1 February 2012.
The presentation "Estimating Cost of Coastal Flooding to Communities along the Israeli Coast" was done in occasion of a
Seminar at the Geography Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Tel Aviv, Israel. 26 December 2011. Israel Geographical Association Annual Conference
SECOA project results were presented within the contest of the presentation "Assessing the Costs of Sea Level Rise and Extreme Flooding" (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Alicante, 24-25 November 2011. The presentation: “Contesting realities (and some utopias) in tourism and leisure public policies in Portuguese coastal areas” was done in occasion of the Seminar: “Renovacion y reestructuracion de destinos turisticos consolidados del litoral” (by University of Lisbon);

Chennai, India 19-22 October 2011 . 24th Indian Institute of Geomorphologists, National Conference on Coastal Dynamics and Geomorphology, Anna University.
SECOA was presented at the conference with a presentation on "Mapping of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise: A case study of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region" and "Comparison of land surface parameters derived from SRTM and ASTER digital elevation datasets and from a Cartosat-DEM: A case study of Mumbai Metropolitan Region" (by University of Pune - India).

Grand Forks North Dakota, USA - October 11-13, 2011, ND -GIS Users Conference. SECOA at the conference with a presentation on "Conflict mapping in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India: Using a spatial multiple-criteria decision approach" (by University of Pune - India).

Civitavecchia, Italy - 6 Ocotber 2011. Public Conference on the Civitavecchia case study. The SECOA Italian partner in accordance with its end-user "Municipality of Civitavecchia" organized a public event whose target are the stakeholders involved in the conflict related the local case study.

Danang, Vietnam 26-28 September 2011, National Seminar on Development and management of MPA network.Sustainability index development – An instrument for MPA management” (by Fishery Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).

Rome, Italy - 23 September 2011 - International Geographical Union (IGU) GLOBILITY Commission 2011 meeting. Presentation on "Taxonomy, modelling & neural networks applied to human mobility. An experience within the SECOA FP7 European Project" at the  (by Sapienza University of Rome).

Yantai, China - 12-15 September 2011 - "North European Coasts and Islands – Cross-scale coastal management, culture- and place-specific social-ecological systems, global environmental change", SECOA presented at the LOICZ Open Science Conference, within the session “Social-Ecological Systems and Scales” (by University of Gothenburg).
Heidelberg, Germany - 7-8 September 2011. European Science Foundation - Workshop on Laser Scanning Spatial Data Infrastructure (LsSDI).
Presentation onProviding Guidance on Metadata Capture to A Multi-National Team” (by University of LondonMet).
Heidelberg, Germany - 7-8 September 2011. Hengstberger Symposium, (Towards Digital Earth - 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures -3D-DE) Institute of Geography. Presentation on “Persuading non-GI specialists to capture Metadata – is it possible?” (by University of LondonMet).
London, UK - 8-9 September 2011. Centre for International Business Sustainability (CIBS), 3rd Annual Conference.
Presentation "Coastal Conflict: the SECOA project" (by University of LondonMet)

London, UK - 31 August - 2 September 2011, Congress Geographical Imagination held at the Royal Geographical Society. "Conflicts, human mobility and urban changes in the Rome coastal area" (by Sapienza University of Rome); "Land use conflict identification using Participatory GIS techniques" and "Data connection: developing metadata methods for collaborative research" (by London Metropolitan University).

Chania, Greece - August 2012 - "Case study windpower conflict, Gothenburg area" at the ESRS Conference

Chieti, Italy - 29 July 2011 - Conference: Parks and territories, the road of development. "The European Project SECOA. Environmental conflicts and coastal areas: the Costa Teatina Park" (by Sapienza University of Rome). Related press articles (1a and 1b, 2, 3).

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2011 - "Mitigation of natural resource use conflicts – coastal case studies from Sweden" at the MARE Conference.

Stokholm, Sweden - June 2011. "Resource use conflicts in Swedish coastal landscapes" at the NESS Conference (by University of Gothenburg).

2010 - 2011

Melbourne, Australia, 31 January - 1 February 2011. A SECOA representative participated at the Workshop on Developing Effective Models of Urban Environments to Address the Challenges of Sustainability and Climate Change. The focus of the international meeting was the analysis of the challenges of advancing current urban/built environment models to address climate change and sustainability more effectively and the needs for additional international cooperation and comparability. (by IGOT, University of Lisbon) Programme of the workshop

London, UK - 14 January 2010. Presentations (1st - 2nd) of SECOA at Building Futures: facing up to Rising Sea Levels (by London Metropolitan University).

Freiburg, Germany - April 2010. “Summer sea breeze influence on human comfort in Funchal (Madeira Island) – Application to urban climate and tourism planning” at the 7th Conference on Biometeorology (by IGOT, University of Lisbon). Proceedings of the Conference.

Haifa, Israel - 11 June 2010. Tourism Flows and the Global Economic Crisis: The Example of the City of Rome” and Human Mobility in Coastal Areas at the Time of Global Economic Crisis. Experiences from Italyat the International Geographical Union Commission meeting on “Global change and human mobility”(by Sapienza University of Rome).

Chengde, China - August 2010. Presentation of SECOA "Urban sustainable development in coastal cities – new challenges through global economic and environmental change" at the 4th International Ecocity Forum (by University of Gothenburg).

Hanoi, Vietnam - 29 September 2010. Presentation of SECOA to the Managing Board of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (Institute of Marine Environment and Resources).

Copenhagen, Denmark - 21 October 2010 - Two presentations of SECOA "Natural resource management in peri-urban and urban areas – new dynamics of land use challenges in coastal areas" and "Solutions for environmental contrast in coastal areas (SECOA): Coastal cities and climate change" were made at the Final Conference of the PLUREL project “Managing the Urban Rural Interface”. (by University of Gothenburg).

Rome, Italy - 27 October 2010. Using GIS for simulating development in the City of Rome” and GIS application for solving environmental conflicts in coastal areas, the experience of the European FP7 SECOA Projectat the ESRI EMEA 2010 Users Conference (by Sapienza University of Rome).

Rome, Italy - 29 October 2010. “Presentation of the 1st Yearly Report: Tiberina, il Bacino del Tevere come regione modello Euromediterranea” (by Sapienza University of Rome).

Southampton, UK - 12 November 2010. Presentation of SECOA at the Ordinance Survey Usability of data workshop (by London Metropolitan University).

London, UK - 26 November 2010. Presentation of SECOA at the Regional Studies Association Regions & Environment Conference (by London Metropolitan University). Report on the Winter Conference 2010 "Regions and the Environment".

London, UK - November 2010. “Undergraduate teaching: use of SECOA as a case study for student assignment” at the University College London MSc programme (by London Metropolitan University).

Rome, Italy - 13 January 2011. Business Intelligence application for SECOA GIS” (by Sapienza University of Rome).

London, UK - March-April 2011.Knowledge Transfer - Lessons learned from SECOA" to implement the metadata management tools for one EU project and one EPSRC funded project at the University College London - Geomatics Research Group (by London Metropolitan University).

Rome, Italy - 8 April 2011. Presentation of SECOA at the Conference "Esperimento Tiberina - per una agenda strategica del Bacino del Tevere",  Società Geografica Italiana (by Sapienza University of Rome).

Seattle, USA - 14 April 2011. “Tourism and urbanization: shifting uses in coastal areas of Portugal” at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting (by IGOT, University of Lisbon). Abstract

London, UK - Spring 2011. Postgraduate Teaching and project development: used SECOA to develop project case studies” at the University College London Geomatics MSc Programme (by London Metropolitan University).

Gothenburg, Sweden - 19-20 May 2011. "Urban Futures: Urban Sustainability – the International Project Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas/SECOA" at the International Workshop “Urban Mobility and Health” at Technical University Chalmers (by University of Gothenburg).


Jerusalem, Israel. 16 October 2013. The seminar " Web GIS as an instrument for Dissemination and Visualizing Spatial Information: The case of Sea Level Rise" was held at the Department of Geography of Hebrew University (by Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Brussels, Belgium. 11 June 2013. EC Workshop on "Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future challenges: Land, Soil, Desertification, Urban and Community-Based Environmental Management. The presentation: "Internal Communication & external dissemination the FP7 SECOA Project" was presented in occasion of the EC Workshop (by University of Rome).

Swansea, Uk. 5 June 2013. Seminar series on Network Research. The seminar talk "A taxonomy of environmental contrasts: a network approach" has been presented in occasion of the Seminar series on Network Research at Swansea University (by University of Rome)

Taranto, Italy. 3-4 June 2013. Workshop I Gruppo di Lavoro Morfodinamica Costiera. The oral presentation "Considerazioni di vulnerabilità" was made within the workshop "Gruppo di lavoro Morfodinamica Costiera". (by University of Rome)

Gothenburg, SE. May 2013. Research seminar. The presentation: "Resource use conflict analysis and resolution for sustainable coastal management" was made on occasion of a research seminar held at the University of Gothenburg (by University of Gothenburg)

Rome, Italy. 21 February 2013. BIG BLU 2013. Workshop with schools students and teachers (by University of Rome)

Chennai, India. 18 January 2013. "Pallikaranai Marshland at the brink of collapse" at the Anna University of Chennai (by University of Pune)

Chennai, India. 18 January 2013. "Maps of Land use conflicts for different scenarios: the Pallikaranai Marshland, Chennai" (by University of Pune)

London, UK, March-April 2012. Group Project – GIS Software Evaluation at the UCL, MSc Geographic Information Science (by University of LondonMet)

London, UK, October 2011. “PGIS techniques to widen participation” at the ICE-Sav Connected Communities Research Network Workshop (by University of LondonMet)

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 23 March 2011. GIS-Participation at Virtual Knowledge Studio: Participatory Knowledge at the University of Maastricht (by University of LondonMet)

Maastricht, The Netherlands - 23 March 2010. GIS-Participation at Virtual Knowledge Studio: Participatory Knowledge (by London Metropolitan University).


Rome (Italy), 20-24 February 2013. BIG BLU EXPO 2013. The world of leisure marine and the sea is back in Rome with the 7th BIG BLU. The exhibition, now officially recognized as the “must” event of the Italian market for small and medium sized leisure marine products, took place at Fiera Roma from Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th February, 2013. The Italian Secoa team was invited to participate at BIG BLU EXPO and in this occasion some posters on Italian case studies have been presented as well as 1 movie that are available on YouTube in Italian at the following address: Moreover, the Sea Heritage Best Communication Campaign Award was held on 22nd February and SECOA Project has been one of the finalists for the category “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development”. SECOA Posters: 1); 2); 3); 4); 5); 6); 7); 8); 9); 10). Photos: 1); 2); 3); 4); 5); 6).
Rome, Italy - 2011-2012. Education Campaign "A passport to the sea".  The MAR - non-profit Association for Marine Activities and Research, with the support of Ministry of Environment and Land Protection and Sea, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, prestigious organizations and associations throughout the country, as the Arsenal Palermo - Maritime Museum and Marco Polo System geie, has initiated the project "A Passport to the Sea" (Un passaporto per il mare". The aim of the initiave is to inform and educate young people about the importance Maritime Heritage of the Mediterranean, enhancing the environmental, cultural and historical - artistic. The Italian team of SECOA geve an important contribution to this initiative. Leaflet and Final Event

Rome, Italy - 18-26 February 2012. The Italian Secoa team was invited by the Italian Agency for European projects to participate at BIG BLUE EXPO aimed at schools and the sea lovers. In the occasion some posters (1-2-3-4-5) on Italian case studies have been presented as well as 3 movies that are now available on YouTube in English at the following addresses:

Harwich - Essex, UK - 26-28 March 2012. Luciana S. Esteves (Citites Institute, London Metropolitan University) presented a brief introduction about SECOA and the research conducted in the UK study sites during the SUSCOD Project meeting and had the opportunity to discuss with SUSCOD partners potential collaborations between the two projects. SUSCOD partners are members of local, regional and national government agencies from Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, England and Scotland.

London, UK - Summer 2011. Presentation of the SECOA poster "Building a Spatial Data Infrastructure for a Multi-National, Interdisciplinary Research Project-SECOA" at the UCL in occasion of the Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Open Days

Lisbon, Portugal - 11-12 November 2010. SECOA stand (Poster and Leaflets distribution) to the III International Conference on Tourism and Spatial Planning - Water-worlds: tourism development, conflicts and sustainability.

London, UK - 12 November 2010. Presentation of a SECOA Poster at the Post Graduate Research Conference.

SECOA Poster and Leaflets distribution at several events:

ICES Working group Marine Spatial Planning Coastal Zone Management meeting - Copenhagen - 8-12 April 2013
ARCH-EU project workshop - Gothenburg - 5 April 2013
PartiSEAPate Project - Malmo, Sweden - 19 March 2013
BaltSeaPlan Marine Spatial Workshop - Brussels - 20 March 2013
Swedish Marine Spatial Planning meeting - Tylosand - 21 March 2013
International Techmart Vietnam 2012 – Vietnam, 20 -23/09/12
Maritime Innovative Territories International Network launching - Brest, 12-13/07/2012
The 4th SEA- EU- NET stakeholders Conference - Ha Noi, 16-17/11/2011

The 5th Conference on National Marine Science and Technology - Ha Noi, 20-24/10/2011
The Thames Gateway Forum - London, 2-3 December 2009; 25 November 2010
Brave New City (EPSRC KT-ISSUES) - London, 24 March 2010
EU-China Science Week - Shangai, 16 June 2010
IASP Vulnerability, Risk and Complexity: Impacts of Global Change on Human Habitats - Leipzig, 26 June to 2 July 2010
The University Challenge for the new Parliament (Million+) - UK Parliament, 29 June 2010; 17 May 2010


Master Thesis of Serin Alpokay "The DPSIR Model and its Role in Natural Resopurce Management: A Critical Assessment of DPSIR Application in Coastal Research and Resource Management Practice". September 2013, Gothenburg University, School of Global Studies.

PhD Thesis of Hélène Draux "Coastal land use conflict identification in a nature reserve: exploration of Participatory GIS techniques". June 2013, London Metropolitan University.

PhD thesis of Olga Stepanova "Analysis and resolution of urban-coastal conflicts: 1. Review conflict research; 2. Typology of environmental conflicts; 3. Conflict mitigation and case studies. June 2012, Gothenburg University, School of Global Studies. Three papers submitted to international scientific journals.

Master Thesis - Maraja Riechers ”A conversion of nature´s value? A critical analysis of the TEEB as an appropriate tool to valuate ecosystems and biodiversity with an empirical analysis of a climate change adaptation project in Falsterbo-Skanör Vellinge”. March 2012, Gothenburg University, School of Global Studies,

Master Thesis of Bui Trang Phuong Nam Nam Bui “Study on environmental consequences of sea level rise on areas along the Göta Älv in Gothenburg”. May 2011, Gothenburg University, School of Business, Economics and Law.