SECOA will involve end users from most of the areas considered. The composition of the national teams has been finalized to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach to the case studies. Four areas of interest characterizing the analyzed coastal areas, will be taken into account:enduspan-map

• economic factors

• social features

• natural and cultural resources

• spatial organization

An innovative methodology for analysis will be developed, tools for appropriate policies will be created, alternative scenarios will be built, step-by-step results will be disseminated and exploited for specific users needs.

SECOA will set up the END USERS PANEL, that includes representatives of local and national institutions, such as Municipal Managers and Administrators for urban, environmental, cultural, health issues, Environmental Agencies, Agenda 21 etc..

This End Users Panel will indicatively include representatives from some institutions as in the table below. SECOA will also invite participation from international partners such as the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization. The End Users Panel meets once a year to evaluate the project's progress, and is also intended to provide, at national level, direct interaction to support cooperation between end-users and researches at different levels of project activities, thus allowing the end-users to give input, suggestions and feedbacks to the project’s activities. Prior to the panel meeting, panel members will also be involved in activities to verify that environmental contrasts have been suitable identified. Throughout the project they will verify the usability of project output, that is the readability and applicability of the solutions described. The most important impact of the panel will be that of paving the way for the long term adoption of the proposed solution.


The End Users Panel will also act as an open forum for discussion and synchronization within the project consortium. In order to highlight the availability of results, it will be provided with public access to selected deliverables including technical overviews. After assessing the above mentioned documents, the Panel will give feedbacks and suggestions for the future direction of the project.